What Charity?

50% of all our proceeds goes charities! 

November's proceeds will go to The Climate Reality Project


 Mission: "to catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society."

Aims: "Our key goals on the path to achieving our mission are to mobilize a critical mass of activists advocating for climate, to support implementation of Paris Agreement commitments, and to accelerate the transition to a clean-energy economy with programs and campaigns promoting renewable energy sources. Our primary activities consist of the following: - Train thousands of new activists each year to effectively advocate for the climate, and to oppose barriers to renewable energy - Work with our trained activists to minimize the damage from the Trump Administration’s polices while supporting efforts at the state, regional, and local levels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - Work with governments, businesses, and universities to support renewable energy, including just transitions to 100-percent renewable energy"

Strategy: "Climate Reality believes that the key to action is convincing a critical mass of people that climate change is urgent and mobilizing them at the grassroots level to advocate the necessary changes in policy. The challenge is: first, how to turn enough people in the US into activists who demand action from their leaders to address climate change, and second, how to build the support necessary to succeed in other key nations in which we plan to work."