Who is Dani?

 Hey! My name is Dani. I grew up in a beach town in New Jersey, I love to travel (the budget kind. like backpacking and staying in hostels/couchsurfing), I have a cat named Pico de Gato, I'm a biomedical PhD Candidate,  and I'm a gogo dancer at nightclubs.  You might already know those last two things from my Tiktok that went viral in April of 2020 (prime quarantine time for us East Coasters). 
But it's true, I enjoy and identify with being both a scientist and a gogo dancer. And as it turns out, people like to see someone who is able to do both. 
So here I am, doing my small part to help normalize scientists having fun and exciting lives outside of the lab.  
Because we deserve it, dammit.  And if you're not a scientist-- then get off this page. Lol, jk.  No matter what your profession is, it shouldn't stop you from doing what makes you happy.

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